How to recover deleted video files?

Many of us were facing the situation of accidental deletion of various kinds of documents on the computer. And it becomes doubly troublesome when you lost valuable videos from the wedding of our children or other important personnel What to do in such a case?

How to recover video

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not provide a built-in software for Windows that could recover lost files. So the first thing you need to do is to stop using the hard drive immediately after the error occurred. This action will help you to protect your documents from possible destruction by downloading new data to the drive.

The next step is to search for third-party software that can recover lost video. Remember that this will require a powerful specialized software to guarantee the success of the result.

Fragmentation of video files

Before proceeding to recovery directly, let’s look at all the principles and possible pitfalls that arise in the process of restoring video files.

Data storage is the main task of the file system. It works as follows: documents are written to the sectors located in a certain sequence, and later, when accessing the file the system reads this data.

Let’s suppose there was a hard drive failure and you need to recover lost files. If fragments of a large document (video file) are located nearby, it will not be difficult to recover it with the help of a specialized program.

The main danger lies in the fact that if the document happens to be fragmented, i.e. its elements are scattered across the HDD space, it becomes much more difficult and sometimes impossible to recover such a file.

To avoid such negative consequences, it is better to take precautions immediately.

How to prevent fragmentation

Take into account the following rules and you can always restore any document even in case of HDD failure.

  • Always leave some free space on your hard drive.
    If there is a lot of free space on the HDD, the system will not have to search for free sectors in different areas to download one large file. Thus, most of the fragments will be located nearby.
  • Use disk defragmentation tool.
    This procedure allows you to group the fragmented elements of a file, reducing the time needed for system to access them and increasing the chance of recovery.

Recovering video materials

If your computer or memory card encountered normal deletion of documents, we recommend you to use the Starus File Recovery program. It supports all popular file formats, including the ability to restore ZIP archives, and has a simple, intuitive interface. One of the advantages of the application is the wide possibility to customize the file export settings.

Instantly recover deleted files and folders from all kinds of storage media

In severe cases, after formatting or failure of the hard drive, Starus Partition Recovery comes to the rescue. With all the advantages of a simplified analogue, the application scans each individual sector of the HDD, collecting fragments of files, previously seemed to be lost.

Top of the line product to repair broken partitions and recover missing information

The software will be useful for both home and office use, always staying on guard for your files.

Use the instructions below to recover lost videos.

1. Run the application. In the File Recovery Wizard window that opens, auto-launch of which can be disabled later, click Next button and select the disk or memory card to be scanned.

Recovery Wizard

2. Getting to the next stage, the program will offer two options for analysis:

Quick Scan – performs a quick surface check of the device, finding the last files recorded on the device.

Full analysis – takes much longer than the previous mode, however, allowing you to make an in-depth analysis of each sector, and collecting even the oldest data.

Full analysis

3. A convenient preview function allows you to examine the files before they are restored and determine which ones to recover.

Full analysis

4. Select the files you need, right-click on any of them and in the context menu select the Restore button.

Restoring files
You should never perform file export to a damaged device. This can lead to permanent data loss without the possibility of recovery.
File export

Now that you have completed all the steps to save the files, you can be absolutely sure that they are safe.

You can evaluate all the chances of “the lost video recovery” before registering the Starus Recovery tools. Download the Video Recovery Software and try it out for free. In the trial version, all functions are available, including a preview of the recovered video. The preview window will make sure that the specific video is not damaged or overwritten and is subject to full recovery.

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Recover Deleted Files and Repair Corrupted Partitions

Recover Deleted Files and Repair Corrupted Partitions

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If the video has been deleted from the computer's disk, it ends up in the Windows Recycle Bin. And it can be restored from there.

To recover videos deleted past the recycle bin after emptying the recycle bin, when formatting disk partitions, you need to resort to the help of special data recovery programs, such as Starus Partition Recovery. And you need to follow the steps described in the article.

To recover videos deleted from a flash drive, you need to resort to the help of special data recovery programs, such as Starus Partition Recovery. And you need to follow the steps described in the article.

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