Download Data Recovery Software

Our data recovery solutions are available on try-before-you-buy, free download basis. You’re encouraged to download, install and use a free evaluation version before parting with your dimes and nickels. Every product we sell comes with free, fully visual pre-recovery preview.

Download Partition Recovery Software

Partition Recovery™ 4.3
Top of the line product to repair broken partitions and recover missing information!

Languages: multi-languages
Size: 41.21 MB

Download Program to Recover Web Browser History

Web Detective™ 3.2
The tool helps analyse visited pages and opened Web links and activities in most common social networks!

Languages: multi-languages
Size: 20.01 MB

Download File Recovery Software

File Recovery™ 6.3
Instantly recover deleted files and folders from all kinds of storage media!

Languages: multi-languages
Size: 40.76 MB

Download FAT Recovery Software

FAT Recovery™ 4.3
Perfect tool to fix SD cards, USB flash drives and other media formatted with FAT, FAT32 or exFAT!

Languages: multi-languages
Size: 40.19 MB

Download Word Recovery Software

Word Recovery™ 4.1
The tool will recover documents in Microsoft Word DOC/DOCX, RTF, OpenOffice ODT and Adobe PDF formats!

Languages: multi-languages
Size: 17.03 MB

Data Recovery from
Linux Drives under Windows

Linux Restore™ 2.0
Access corrupted or deleted files on Linux and Unix drives from within Windows!

Languages: multi-languages
Size: 40.14 MB

Download Data Recovery Software Package

Restore data of all types in a snap! Recovering absolutely all types of files!

Languages: multi-languages
Size: 91.72 MB
Package contents:

  • Partition Recovery™ 4.3
  • Web Detective™ 3.2
  • Office Recovery™ 4.1
  • Photo Recovery™ 6.1

Download RAID Recovery Software

RAID Restore™ 2.0
A universal tool that helps to recover both a damaged RAID array and the data stored on it!

Languages: multi-languages
Size: 40.40 MB

Microsoft Office Recovery Software

Office Recovery™ 4.1
Recover documents that go missing! Recovers files in Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and others!

Languages: multi-languages
Size: 17.10 MB

Download Photo Recovery Software

Photo Recovery™ 6.1
Recover digital pictures from digital cameras, memory cards, and PC hard drives with just a few clicks!

Languages: multi-languages
Size: 14.37 MB

Download NTFS Recovery Software

NTFS Recovery™ 4.3
Perfect tool for recovering Windows disks and system partitions formatted with the NTFS file system!

Languages: multi-languages
Size: 40.23 MB

Download Excel Recovery Software

Excel Recovery™ 4.1
Powerful content-aware recovery reliably extracts spreadsheets from formatted, repartitioned and corrupted disks!

Languages: multi-languages
Size: 16.95 MB

Data Recovery from macOS Drives under Windows

Mac Restore™ 2.0
A program for recovering data from macOS disks from under Windows!

Languages: multi-languages
Size: 40.17 MB


It’s very simple to keep your data safe, even if we’re talking about deleted information and corrupted partitions. Never write, save, or install anything, including our software, onto a disk or partition holding the files you’re about to recover. We can’t stress it enough; the one most important rule is the rule that’s most often broken.

NEVER INSTALL DATA RECOVERY SOFTWARE ONTO THE DISK BEING RECOVERED. Use another hard drive, plug a USB memory drive, use a flash memory card – just don’t install it onto the disk that contains your deleted files. There’s no need to reboot your PC after you install our software. Don’t do it. Just install the product, launch it and follow the instructions of the data recovery wizard.