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Oleg Afonin
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Oleg Afonin is an accomplished security researcher and data recovery expert who has been with Starus Recovery since 2009. He is widely known as the co-author of the acclaimed book "Mobile Forensics - Advanced Investigation Strategies" and has been a featured speaker at industry conferences including CEIC, HTCIA, FT-Day, and Techno Forensics.

With years of experience in digital forensics and security, Oleg is a prolific writer and regularly publishes useful content for our readers on recovering digital information from modern storage systems, hard drives, and solid state drives. His articles provide valuable insights and practical advice to help users solve a wide range of data recovery problems. Oleg's expertise and dedication to the field make him an invaluable member of the Starus Recovery team.

New product Starus Office Recovery will help you get your documents back!

New product Starus Office Recovery will help you get your documents back!

Starus Recovery announces the release of Starus Office Recovery, a comprehensive data recovery tool to restore office document files that go missing. Employing a highly sophisticated data recovery engine for Adobe PDF files, documents and spreadsheets saved by Microsoft Office and OpenOffice applications, Starus Office Recovery delivers the safest recovery experience and best-in-class performance. An automatic integrity check performed after every disk scan session ensures that only valid and 100% recoverable document make it into the list of recoverable files.

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