Recover Deleted Partitions

Recover Deleted Partitions from HDD, USB drive and Memory Card

Our range of partition recovery tools offers the highest technology wrapped into a streamlined package with a highly usable interface. A fully guided wizard is available to help you set the required parameters, while extended Explorer-like interface enables browsing through large sets of discovered data.

Our partition recovery tools can fix FAT and NTFS partitions. If you only need one or the other, you can save by opting for a dedicated NTFS Recovery or FAT Recovery tool. If there is no trace of a file system available, or if the partition has been deleted, you can still recover information with our content-aware technology. Content-aware analysis is based on a signature search database, carving the disk for recognizable files and recovering information from badly damaged, corrupted and inaccessible devices.

Starus Recovery Feature Comparison Table

Can recover information in the following cases:

Accidental data deletion
Formatted or deleted partitions
Cleared Windows Recycle Bin via Explorer shortcut
Cleared Windows Recycle Bin via the command line
Files deleted via “Shift+Del”
Files deleted in third-party applications, command line
or file managers
Files deleted or locked with a virus
Operating system failure
MBR failure
GUID failure
File system or MFT failure
Directory tree and content blocked by a virus
Device driver failure
Repartitioned hard drives
Disk repartitioned, existing volumes moved or deleted
Volume file system changed from FAT to NTFS
Volume file system changed from NTFS to FAT
Other causes
Mechanical wear, excessive reallocated sector and/or bad
sector count
Software faults or conflicts
Improper antivirus activities
Malware attacks

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